BitSticks: Free, stand-alone BitTorrent client widget.

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BitSticks Public-Beta

Stand-alone BitTorrent Client.


Capture 0.7.9

Powerful screen-capturing.


Snake 0.9

Harder than ever.


miniPatience 0.9.5

Who needs Windows now?


miniDropper 0.9

Itty bitty gaming space.


miniOandX 0.9

Simple. Multi-flavoured too.


Collective Widget Pack

May 05

Upcoming and developer widgets.


The above widget pack is a collection of widgets made using our own vsuielements ‘framework’. This allows us to easily use custom controls, resize widgets and much more.

These widgets are both previews of future standalone widgets, and examples of using vsuielements. They are intended to be both functional and to show other widget developers how to take advantage of vsuielements in order to do a lot of the work for them.

On that note, we are looking for developers to help improve and extend vsuielements and for designers to make custom skins (which is really rather simple, if I do say so myself ;) ).

If you would like to help, please send an email to me. The widget pack is still very much in the development stages, so please excuse any bugs.

All of the content in the widget pack DMG is copyright © VanillaSoap 2005.

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